Fascia is like a large, intricate spider's web, supporting & connecting every element of your body.

Fascia is...


...the many layers, bands & sheets of connective tissue which surround muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, internal organs, nerves, blood vessels & cellular structures, binding them all & holding us together. Without it your body would fall apart!

It is made up of elastin, collagen fibres & a goo-like substance which is mostly water. It connects, binds, protects, supports, insulates & stabilizes everything that lies beneath your skin & allows your body freedom of movement.

It has the ability to stretch (& retract) in all directions & the ability to increase in density where extra strength or stability may be required. It resembles a large intricate spider's web supporting & connecting every element of your body.

In a healthy  hydrated body the fascia is fluid-like, relaxed & pliable. Where there is emotional or physical stress or trauma, lack of movement, repeated/sustained postural holding patterns or dehydration the fascia may become hard, tense & less dynamic. This can create stiffness, pain & restricted movement.

Like a true web of connection this hardening of fascia in one area can have ramifications elsewhere in the body-imagine twisting the corner of your t-shirt - you will feel lines of tension spread through the rest of the fabric.

The Bowen Technique can help release tensions held within the fascia creating an unwinding of the densely packed fibres where the tissues have hardened.

When we make a Bowen move we are triggering a response from the brain by stimulating the nerve receptors held within the layers of fascia resulting in a re-organisation of the body to THAT WHICH IS BEST FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL.

The Fuzz Speech by Gil Hedley


The importance of movement to keep your fascia free of stiffness

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