"As a 74 year old golfer my Right leg from knee to hip is suffering from the rotational forces a golf swing imposes-not unusual I'm told. I am a natural sceptic, but after just one Bowen treatment I felt that I was standing more upright & felt looser."
"Instead of popping pills, Elly's peaceful & relaxing application of the Bowen Technique is a joy, & provides a wonderful way to tackle the problem of muscular pain"
​"I find the Bowen Technique a valuable relief & realignment for my body. The suggested advice & excercises also help maintain the relief between treatments. Elly has a calm & supportive manner which she skillfully practices. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

"After only 3 sessions my lower back pain has completely gone, thanks to the gentle manipulation of the Bowen Technique. Thankyou Elly Adams."

J. Prottey

"Max was perfectly at ease with Elly from their first meeting. He was a little unsure what was going on but she was very patient with him. Then he seemed to know this was going to be good for him. We could see some improvement after every session. He generally seemed happier, we guess less pain. After the 3rd treatment Max (nearly 10) thought he was a puppy again!  All signs of a limp had gone. Walks are a pleasure again for both of us. I'm sure if he could he would say a big thankyou to Elly."

E.Townsend & Max

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